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One who lives with boundless confidence,
will constantly and wonderfully be led from the eternal Lord God the Almighty

U . M . Z.

Ulrika M . Ziegler

"Everybody should live his entire potential". "From the beginning we have our godlike self, the divine spark, the heart - our centre, our highest self (Revelation 22,7-15),  same body, very high consciousness - Christ Consciousness; an universally existing power and we are bound to live it in harmony." With the help of Ulrika M . Ziegler, you learn to discover your hidden resources and, what is most important, to make full use of them. The intention of her consultations and healing is an entirely clearing harmony through spirituality. Blocks and conflicts that influence the physis can thus be loosened and resolved. We find the way to a balanced existence and can enjoy life happy, free and in awareness.


Especially Ulrika´s individual, very intensive consultations are appreciated by many people seeking for help as one´s well-being is supported efficiently. A long experience backs up her competence and her know-how in recognizing and valuating the problems one has. Her unique application of the BEWUSSTSEINHEILSTEINE* is another element of the comprehensive offer in her practice, an offer that focusses entirely on the physical and emotional well-being of a person. Her energetic work has varied positive effects on the human body such as a stimulation of the metabolism along with a detoxication of the body. The regeneration of all cells is an additional effect.
*Bewusstseinheilstein = Awareness Healing Stone


She emphasizes that energy and light mean power and have positive effects on the human being. Fear, lack of drive and alleged inheritance block you and let energy decrease. Healing seances with Ulrika M . Ziegler release the tension.
The extraordinary BEWUSSTSEINHEILSTEIN is a highlight in her offer. Among other effects, by using the Activator healing stone, a phantastic water quality can be reached that works in the best possible way on health, vitality and growth. These positive results can be seen with humans as well as with animals and plants. Excellent Aloe-Vera-products for a sound and natural beauty complete the diverse offer. Contact Ulrika M . Ziegler if you want to experience something new and gain power.

To build up and perceive such a complex and broad knowlegde she has worked constantly and intensively on "awareness". This causes the presence she has as a healer.


Ulrika Mercedes Ziegler


Long distance healing - counseling ∞ Emergency relief - also for animals ∞ Energetic clearing for houses, apartments and properties ∞ Energetic tests ∞ BEWUSSTSEINHEILSTEINhealing dolls


The BEWUSSTSEIN Zentrum, Würzburg, obtains great approval from all over Europe for its efficient advice service for integral health and spiritual healing. Everybody can be energetically tested to reveal a lot right in the beginning - to find the best possible food and therapy. As a healer, Ulrika M . Ziegler provides healing seances and long distance healing. In the healing room infinite confidence and love are expressed and you feel a miraculous development.


The Gift!
The Empress of medicinal plants
In India ALOE VERA is called RAMBAN
This means: God sends an arrow and it finds its way