Created from a composition of minerals in their potent form for a perfect and high vibrational energy. The composition allows the self-cleaning, structure-building forces and vitality-seeking properties to be released, activated and stimulated.

Through Ulrika. they are BEWUSSTSEIN.HEILSTEIN*.

Promoting recovery through use of the perfect, holistic, natural-looking BEWUSSTSEIN.HEILSTEIN

The BEWUSSTSEIN.HEILSTEIN are held in the hands and placed on or under the body.


*BEWUSSTSEIN.HEILSTEIN = Awareness Healing Stone

The BEWUSSTSEIN.HEILSTEINe are placed on and under the body
The BEWUSSTSEIN.HEILSTEIN held in the hands

When using the healing stones,
seven to twelve healing stones are required.
They are ideal for use in a practice or healing centre.
One or two healing stones can be used every night.

Their vibrational energy is superior and therefore more suitable for therapy use than other materials.

Also for use by all animals...



- Promotes circulation - Activates and strengthens and self-healing
- Naturally detoxifies - Helps to activate creative abilities
- Dissolves blockages and pain - Promotes bio dynamics
- Chakra cleansing, expansion - Encourages holistic life force
- Release of consciousness energy - Strengthens the immune system
- Strengthening of self - Promotes better sleep
- Harmonises all strains - Soothing harmonisation
- Vitalises - Healthy indoor climate
- Works on all levels    


- Natural Active Principles> free from side effects
- Without information> doesn’t reduce the effectiveness (electromagnetic interference) and therefore leads to a permanent and positive effect.
- No chemicals, electricity or magnets > free from an additional load
- Used worldwide
- Self-cleaning


Per day an adult needs 2.5 ; 3 litres of good quality liquids to replace the fluids which are lost (sweat, urine, etc.). In particular, the metabolic by;products, food residues and toxins will be discharged from the body, but when these substances remain, they accumulate in the tissues, in adipose tissue, joints, brain, and so on. Once stored, these materials are difficult to break down. The more a build up of debris, the more the body becomes inactive. Through the BEWUSSTSEIN.HEILSTEIN tap water becomes natural spring water ; to some people it gives energy, others it heals, working to the requirements of the individual: The law of resonance.


The BEWUSSTSEIN.HEILSTEIN can be used for solid foods and liquids.

When needed, lay the stone 2 ; 3 cm beside your food or drink, to activate its effects.

A glass of water 0.2l
A 1.5 l Water Pitcher


It can also be placed on the table, next to your shopping basket, beside food, etc.

Fruit, bread, vegetables





Due to its positive revival water has an improved molecular structure. It is softer, clearer, easier to digest and tastes much better.

- Removes all harmful information, germ-free
- The bio energetic level is improved
- Oxygen revival
- Regenerating effect on solid and liquid foods
- New calcium deposits greatly reduced
- Detoxification cures and treatments are effectively supported
- Many positive effects for people, animals (health, vitality, growth) and environment
- Significantly improved plant growth, increased root development, stronger growth, more biomass, longer life and noticeably larger fruits.

If you would like to order a BEWUSSTSEIN.HEILSTEIN, please write an E-Mail. Thank you .

For house connections, taps, pipes, garden pipes, drilled wells, swimming pools, hot tubs and garden ponds there are 1/2 inch, 1 to 4.5 inches (and more) bands. Existing calcium deposits (in pipes, water heaters, washing machines washing, etc.) will dissolve and new chalky deposits will be greatly reduced.